What is LocalFluence?
IT’S SIMPLE: we have our active Social Media users (we call them influencers) that live near your business go in and experience your service, then post about that experience in a natural way on THEIR Social Media account.

For Example
Let’s tak a look at the scenario below

LocalFluence helps businesses like Sarah’s Bakery generate
more Word of Mouth business by introducing her business to influencers
like Trisha who then introduce Sarah’s Bakery to her friends through Social Media

How It Works

Business Creates offer for Influencers
Example: Sarah’s offer is 6 free cupcakes that
she’ll give to 15 influencers

LocalFluence finds 15 influencers who
meet Sarah’s requirements
Example: Sarah wants the influencers to live within 5 miles of her bakery and to have a minimum of 120 followers in their Social network

Matched Influencers go into Sarah’s bakery to redeem their offer, then post about their experience in a natural way of their Social media account
Example: Trisha posted a pic of her daughter holding the cupcakes with the caption of “Lucy is obsessed with Cupcake Wars so she was super excited to check out the new #SweetToothFairySOJO

Let’s take a look at a post made by a LocalFluence Influencer

First posts are great, but it’s the second & third posts that really cause action