Grow your business through local influencers

Receive natural social posts and online reviews about your brand from locals who live and have influence near your business.

How it Works:

Create special offers for your products/services

Our system will match your offers to local influencers near your business

Watch your business grow through local, organic reviews & social posts

92% of people trust earned media, such as recommendations from friends above all other forms of advertising

- Nielsen Ratings

Who are local influencers?

Influential individuals in your area
Localfluence influencers are people who live, work and play near your business but most importantly their influence (social following) also lives, works and plays in the same area.
Quality over quantity
Consider an influencer with 300 followers, where 70% or more of them live near your business. Compare that to an influencer with 10,000 followers, where less than 1% of them live near your business. Which influencer is more valuable to you?

Localfluence is, without question, the best way for us to locally promote our restaurants. There is enormous value in having locals naturally share their experience to their friends and family through authentic reviews & social posts.

Andrew Smith
CEO / Four Foods Group