4 Ways to Find Local Influencers for Your Business

Ready to start your own influencer marketing campaign?

First off, congrats on taking advantage of a 6.5 billion dollar industry that is the future of business marketing. You’ve made the right choice.

Working with an influencer should be regarded as a partnership, not a one night stand. An ideal partnership is collaborative, with both parties contributing ideas and respecting the other. Much like any healthy relationship.

As a business owner, it’s important to be selective when looking for influencers to represent your brand. A massive number of followers isn’t cutting it anymore.

Find out what qualities to look for in an influencer here.

So once you know what to look for, how do you find them? And not just people with these qualities but who will be just as enthusiastic about your products as you?

Look at who is already following your business page.

You have a built-in fan base right there in all your social media platforms. Who is actively liking and engaging in your content?

Chances are, these people already support your brand and would love the opportunity to help spread the word about it.

Many of these followers will be flattered you went out of your way to reach out to them. Not only will they share it with their family and friends, but it will build your relationship with them and deepen their loyalty to your business.

Follow hashtags related to your business.

People who use your hashtag have most likely already visited your establishment or tried your product. They can use their firsthand experience to promote your business with confidence.

It also gives them the incentive to come back and try it again!

Search for local foodies or experts in your niche.

You can do this by looking up hashtags of your local area and niche. They may not know of your business, but will usually be willing to check it out and endorse it if you reach out to them.

Use automated search software.

Are you thinking this all sounds great but you don’t have the time or patience to go sifting through Instagram?

Consider using automated search software.

At Localfluence, people interested in becoming influencers come to us.

With our automated search software, we can easily find the right influencers for you who would be happy to share your brand with their friends and family.

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