5 Best Photo Editing Apps

High-quality pictures are mandatory for social media platforms like Instagram.

Luckily, we’ve upgraded from the age of fuzzy flip phone photos. Nowadays you can take a professional-looking photo from the comfort and convenience of your very own smartphone.

Even luckier, there are a lot of applications out there that can amp up your photography skills even more.

And luckiest of all, we found five photo-editing applications that are completely free to use.

1. Snapseed

It can be a bit intimidating at first, but Snapseed is one of the best free photo editing the game. You can choose to fine-tune photos with preset filters or create your own. The HDR scape adds crazy detail and it has a healing tool to fix any small blemishes. Selective editing is a unique feature that allows you to enhance specific parts of the photo. This opens the door to lots of different possibilities and unique content.


When you download VSCO it will try to get you to pay for the membership ($19.99/year, so not bad if you’re really into photo editing) but the free version has plenty of options to tweak your photos. A bit more user-friendly than Snapseed and allows you to save filters you create so your photos all have a similar vibe. 

3. Prisma

Prisma prompts you to start a 3-day trial but the “X” in the top right corner of the app will direct you to the free version (no credit card required). This app has TONS of unique features beyond filters for the artistically inclined. Unfortunately, the HDR setting is only available in the premium version, which will cost you $7.99/month.

4. Ribbet

There’s a 14-day free trial option for Ribbet, after that it’ll cost you $3.99/month for the mobile version or $29.99/year for the complete version compatible with Mac and Windows. The free version (hit that handy top-right X when it asks you to sign up) is packed full of useful features. With Ribbet, you can edit photos, make collages, and add text to pictures.

5. Adobe Photo Express

Last but by no means least, Adobe Photo Express is a one-stop-shop photo editing tool. You do have to create an account through Google or Facebook but it is completely free. You can enhance existing photos, make collages, add text, save your favorite filters. The possibilities are virtually endless with this app so it’s easy to get carried away but if you’re a fan of options it’s hard to beat.

No matter which application you choose, aesthetically-pleasing and creative images are a MUST when it comes to social media marketing.

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