7 Qualities of a Good Influencer

“How do I find the right influencers for my business?”

It’s a question we get a lot.

Finding influencers isn’t the hard part. But GOOD influencers who will actually increase revenue and exposure in your area? Well, that’s another story…

There’s more to look for in an influencer than geographic location. Think about it like this.

This person is going to be representing your brand and hopefully building a partnership with your business. Essentially, they’re going to be a spokesperson in their circle for YOUR company. People are going to associate the things they say with YOUR brand.

So what exactly should you be looking for in an influencer?

Here are 7 traits to look for when using influencer marketing and questions to ask for each.

1. Personable

Someone who is agreeable, sociable, and pleasant. You don’t want your social media marketing campaign backfiring because an influencer representing your brand doesn’t get along with their followers.

Sneak a peek at their profile and notice the way they interact in their community.

  • Do they connect with their followers?
  • Are they friendly and warm?
  • How do their followers respond?
  • If they have negative feedback, how do they handle it?

2. Aligned

They don’t have to agree with EVERYTHING you believe in, but definitely keep in mind the main values behind your business and make sure it lines up.

If your business is health-conscious, would you want someone perpetually posting about heavy drinking or smoking representing your brand?

Probably not. Ask yourself,

  • Does this person seem to have similar values as the business?
  • Are they vocal about their opinions?
  • How do their opinions align with what your company believes in?
  • Do they support other brands? If so, do these brands contradict or compete with yours?

3. Relatable

Notice the connection a potential influencer has with others.

Relatability and empathy are qualities that make up a great influencer because they have the ability to put themselves in the shoes of the people they’re speaking to.

  • Does it seem like their followers seem to relate to the content they share?
  • Do they have sympathy towards others’ experiences?
  • Is there genuinity and authenticity in their posts?

4. Responsive

Don’t get carried away thinking an influencer has to be posting content every single day, but make sure they are active on their designated social media platform.

Also, notice how well they communicate with you once you’ve expressed interest in a partnership.

  • Do they actively engage with their followers?
  • Are they responding with thoughtful comments, not just likes?
  • How quickly do they respond, to you and their followers?

5. Consistent

Consistency and reliability create a solid foundation between an influencer and a business, not just with you but on their social media.

Ideal influencers tend to have a theme on their page, making it more appealing to followers.

  • Do they post consistent, high-quality content?
  • Do they regularly utilize all features of their social media platforms like stories, videos, boomerangs, etc.?

6. Tech Savvy

To consistently post high-quality content that has a theme, an influencer needs to be tech-savvy.

From editing photos to automating posting, you want to find influencers that know their way around their chosen social media platform.

  • Is their content well-made?
  • Do they use high-quality pictures?
  • Do they have a consistent aesthetic to their page?
  • Is their page interesting to look at?
  • Do they edit their photos well?

7. Creative

Social media can be a creative outlet for a lot of people. Between all the different editing tools and updates, the possibilities are endless.

Look for an influencer who edits like a boss and stays on top of new updates. The best influencers are always experimenting with new apps to keep their content fresh.

  • Is their content original and creative?
  • Are you interested in their posts or does it seem generic and dull?
  • Do they use clever captions with their pictures?

Finding the perfect influencers can be tricky and time-consuming

Having a clear understanding of your goals and values of your business is essential.

Taking the time to establish criteria and find influencers who fit your brand is so important. The influencer will be representing your company in what will hopefully be an ongoing relationship. 

And not to toot our own horn, but that’s kind of why the concept behind Localfluence is so genius.

Both influencers and businesses come to us, then we set them up with the right fit.

We offer influencers opportunities to try new products or support their favorite local spots, simply by signing up and answering a few questions. We work with businesses to develop the right incentives that will dramatically boost sales and online exposure at a minimal cost.

Just call us your local marketing matchmaker.

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