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“It’s easy to make intros when you understand the impact Localfluence has on local restaurents”

Kyle Anderson Local Partner, Flowermound TX

Make money with the relationships you already have.

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Type of Intros
we're looking for

1. We email them

We email on your contact using your name as the one who referred us

Payout for this intro type: $10





2. You email or text them

You send a personal email or text introducing us to your referral.

Payout for this intro type: $25

Intros are great, but appointments pay out more!

Your intro turns into an appointmentWe’ll pay for every intro that turns into an appointment

Payout for this intro type: $50

Intros and appointments are wonderful, but a sale is the best!

You’ll be paid for every intro that signs up We will pay for every appointment that signs up with us!

Payout for this intro type: $100