How to Increase UGC Through Social Media

What is UGC?

User-generated content is content produced by people who use a brand’s product. UGC is more than social media platforms. It can be blogs, podcasts, review sites, and more. Social media is an effective tool to boost UGC for your business. The ability to share quality content that has the opportunity to be reshared, go viral, and reach a larger audience is part of the magic of social media marketing. 

92% of people trust earned media, such as recommendations from friends above all other forms of advertising, making UGC the #1 most effective marketing strategy in our world today.

Examples of UGC

Online Reviews

93.4 percent of respondents said that they read customer reviews before purchasing from an unfamiliar digital retailer. 

Yelp, Tripadvisor, Google reviews, and Facebook ratings are all examples of online review networks. Simply put, people trust in the opinions of other customers over the opinion of the business itself. Think about the Amazon purchases you’ve made (or haven’t made) based on the reviews of people who have already tried the product. UGC like online reviews can make or break closing a deal. Many times it is the deciding factor between whether or not they make a purchase. 


Creating a custom hashtag specific to your business allows you to track what people are saying about your brand and products. It’s a simple way to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Engagement in posts that include your custom hashtag will encourage others to do the same. 

Organic Posts

UGC in social media is seen every day. Posting pictures of delicious food or having a drink at their new favorite spot. Supporting a business without a paid sponsorships (which influencers now have to #ad so it’s easy to spot) is an organic post. 

Read more about the difference between organic and nonorganic content here.

How to Increase UGC

Ok great, so now we know what UGC is in the world of social media marketing. Way to go. But what if people just aren’t buzzing about your business as much as you’d like? Here are some strategies to help get the momentum cranking and the UGC ball rolling. 


I’ll be honest, I don’t know a single soul who doesn’t enjoy getting free stuff. We all love it. Even if they simply do it for their own personal gain, incentives motivate customers to spread the word about your business organically. 

For example, Sally might not even glance at the new makeup line Kylie Jenner is promoting. But she might take a second look at the new makeup her friend Steph is oogling about (even if Steph is only doing it for the free lipgloss). 

Loyalty Programs

Get a first time customer coming back for more with loyalty programs. Provide incentives for them to sign up, like a free dessert or 10% off their first purchase. Plato’s closet resale store implements this marketing strategy well with their punch card. Once all punches have been collected, they’re offered a discount. Many restaurants will throw in chips and queso or an appetizer for loyalty program customers. 

Depending on the generation most targeted, some business loyalty programs could do better than others.


People are more skeptical of celebrity and macro-influencers. Many of us understand the concept behind influencers these days. Word-of-mouth marketing has and will continue to be the #1 marketing strategy with lasting results when done correctly. 

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